16 October, 2020

Your old phone will work like a new smartphone, immediately make these 5 work


The smartphone is so new, but if it starts hanging or slow working, all the features of the phone are useless for you. In this way, today we are going to tell you about 5 ways, with the help of which your old phone will also be working like a new phone. Know about these 5 ways

Light version app

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Many versions of the Lite version are available on Google Play Store. For example Facebook has launched its Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Light version. At the same time Google has launched Light Apps such as its YouTube Go, Maps Go, Gmail Go. Actually these apps with light versions make less use of your smart phone’s data and battery. In such a case, if your phone is of low RAM and storage then go apps can be of great use to you.


If the location feature is not needed, keep it off. Actually, your mobile constantly keeps updating your location when the location service is turned on. It consumes both your phone’s RAM and battery, so your smartphone starts working slow.


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Instantly remove the apps in your smartphone that you do not use. Also, please update the apps you are using as well. In fact, updates and phone calls are issued with changing technology. Through these updates, your phone works with the existing technology. If you do not update the phone, then it means that the technique has increased but you are working on the same old pattern of the phone. In this way hackers make hacking your phone easier. Along with the help of old features, your phone works slo.

Anti virus

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Security apps are a better option to protect the phone from viruses and hackers. But do not download more than one security app in your phone. If you do this then your phone will be confused between two security apps. Plus your phone will be consuming more RAM than the battery.

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Turn off auto brightness

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If your phone has an Auto brightness option enabled, then disable it immediately. Auto-byte option adjusts the brightness of your screen according to the surrounding environment, so your phone remains active and the battery consumption continues.



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