23 October, 2020

These 5 mistakes can be made when buying a phone, too heavy

These 5 mistakes can be made when buying a phone, too heavy

We are going to tell you about the 5 things that can be overlooked by you. In fact, when buying a smartphone, we ignore many things which we have to regret later. If you are going to buy a smartphone then do not repeat these mistakes.

RAM and Storage

At present, most of the companies present their smartphones in many variants. For example, OnePlus Company has introduced its OnePlus 6 smartphone in 3 variants of 6/64, 8/128 and 8/256. The price of each variant is different. The more variant of RAM and storage is more expensive than the lower ones. In such a case, before purchasing a phone, think of whether you need 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage or 6 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage is enough. Buy base variant phones if you need less. This will also satisfy your needs and the phone will not cost you too much.


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Before buying a smartphone, ask yourself one thing which is the most important feature of the smartphone you need. That is, are you buying the phone just to talk or photography is an essential feature for you? Search your needs phone. The feature of your choice may be better at a cheap smartphone but rather that you are searching for it in some expensive phones.


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Find out more about its features before buying a phone. Also read the on-line reviews and feedback of the phone. This will give you complete information about the phone.

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Before buying a phone, find out where your favorite smartphone is getting the cheapest. Apart from this, there are no offers available on the phone. Also, keep in mind that there is no big sale anywhere, where your phone can be found at a lower price.

Add On Feature

The more users see just how big the phone’s screen is and what processor it has been given in it. While many other features may also be necessary,

Is the phone waterproof
Does it sport fast charging
Does the phone sport dual SIM
Which operating system is given in the phone
What features are given for connectivity in the phone



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